Five Tips For Effective Yoga Practice

Though you have completed yoga course from the yoga center, it is still good to practice yoga daily in the public class rather than doing it alone in your home. But it is not always possible to attend the public class regularly. If time doesn’t permit, you can do it at your home.

Zoey Bray-Cotton is a female yoga instructor who teaches a different style of yoga poses. She has wide experience in teaching yoga for more than a decade and she is a certified yoga trainer. You must choose best yoga trainer for practicing yoga.

The important five tips to consider when practicing yoga at home are explained below.

You must first set up the yoga workout schedule. You must make sure to do the decided number of times each week. It is a good method to plan the exact number of days and time you can practice yoga before the week begins. You can at least do three times a week to feel positive outcome.

The second tip is you can practice yoga for 30-60 minutes. The duration of yoga practice in public classes lasts for 75-90 minutes. When you do yoga alone you will end up frustrated, discouraged, and distracted from your family members. You must begin your practice from the trained yoga instructor in a public class so that can extend up to 90 minutes. You can do maximum up to thirty minutes when practicing yoga alone.

You must set up a plan and do yoga with a smile. Once you sit on the yoga mat, you can begin the practice with a smile. If you do yoga practice from home, then you can follow the below simple outline for a balanced yoga practice.

You must ground your energy by beginning in a still posture. Then you need to warm up your joints and key muscles with simple movement like sun salutations or other postures for 5-10 minutes. You can then practice standing poses like balancing poses, arm poses, and warrior poses for 10-20 minutes. Then it is best to do inversions or back pending poses at home for 5-10 minutes. You can do deeper stretches including hip opener or twist for 3-5 minutes to cool down your body. Then finally you can do savasana to enjoy the full benefit of your workout.

In the classroom setup, a trained yoga instructor will teach you the poses which are not familiar yet. You don't try the poses on your own incorrectly and harms your body. If you are not sure about the posture, then you must ignore the yoga pose.

You must be consistent and practice yoga daily. Like other things, you can get the complete benefits of yoga only after practice. You can notice the changes in your body and mind each time you sit on your yoga mat and begins the practice. You must try to practice a maximum number of days to make your body stronger and flexible by practicing yoga. You can involve your family members when doing yoga at home and have fun during yoga time.


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