Adjustable Or Non-Adjustable Speed Bag Platforms?

A speed bag is a commonly used boxing training aid to improve skills and technique. If you are considering setting one up, you will require a seed bag, a speed bag platform, a swivel along with a few spare bladders. Many companies offer adjustable platforms so that it can be used by different people of varying height. Everlast Speed bag Platform is one of the top rated platforms preferred by experts according to Most speed bag platforms come with sliding rails to adjust the height easily along with a spring pin lock to hold it in place while it is in use.

Speed bag platforms tend to come with a swivel which is an essential part for mounting a speed bag in a new location. The different speed bag platform offerings by different companies in different price ranges as well. As the prices tend to increase, so does the quality of construction as well as durability.

Most customers tend to prefer a solid speeding platform rather than something fancy. You will need the help of a few tools to mount the speed bag platform like a level and a drill. If you are planning on mounting it somewhat high on a wall, it would be a good idea to rope in a friend to help out with the installation.

Some speeding platforms are built using high-density wood to make it more heavy duty. They are usually enforced with the help of steel frames due to its weight and are suitable for mounting on cement walls. If the speed bag platform comes with a speed bag and a swivel included in the kit, then this will drive the price higher.

The instructions provided with speed bag platforms are quite straight forth with pictures included as well. At the end of the day, the quality of construction and material used to manufacture the speed bag platform is what matters. Most speed bag platforms are made out of some kind of wood, but it is the density of the wood that is used to decide its quality. It would be prudent to check that the speed bag platform is not less than 1 inch.

An adjustable speed bag platform is the best choice if there is a chance that more people will be suing it over time. If it is just one person hitting the speed bag, it is not a wise investment as they tend to be more expensive compared to regular speed bag platforms. The extra items that come along with a new speed bag platform usually include a speed bag swivel or even a speed bag. Most experts tend to agree that getting a separate speed bag is better as the quality of the included speed bag is not up to the mark. If mounting hardware is not included in the kit, a quick trip to the local hardware store is all that you need to set it up.

Sport equipment stores have a few demo pieces of speed bag platforms set up in their showrooms. A quick look at them can help ascertain their quality and durability. You can also ask your local gym about the type of speed bag platform they would recommend. Gyms are more reliable in such recommendations as their equipment is used by many people throughout the day over a long period.

No matter which speed bag platform you decide to go with, make sure the mounting and installation is carried out with extra care to avoid the speed bag and swivel from falling off from the wall and cause injury to the person using it at the moment.


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